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College Girl Dared to Lick Pussy

Eating pussy for the first time, much like sucking cock for the first time, can be daunting, but when you’re in college and you’re drunk and having fun, anything goes! Besides these chicks are showoffs and want to shock and awe the guys into getting their dicks hard. So when during this truth or dare game, the dare is to lick your friend’s pussy, these formerly “straight” girls muff dive with abandon and stick their tongues deep inside dripping vaginas and tongue clits to orgasm while the guys and the other girls jerk off. Only in college dorms does the party turn from innocence to full blown group sex with pussy sucking and dick blowing orgasms!

college girl experiments with lesbian sex and eats pussy in front of friends

Multiple Partners in Sex Game

The blonde who loves cock is back for more, a dare is a dare and she can’t refuse when she has to suck the other guy’s cock! Hey, two cocks are better than one when you’re plating sexual games in college, and if that means sucking more than one guy, the more the merrier! Does she suck him off to completion and get a mix of different guy’s cum in her mouth? Find out what happens!

college girl sucks off two cocks

College Blowjob Party

College is the time for experimenting with group sex, threesomes and foursomes and even full blown orgy parties. This group of four got together for a game of truth or dare, which climaxes with a naked blowjob dare for the girls! They jump right on that cock and suck it until it cums. Why is this blonde smiling and why are her naked friends smiling as well? Because she just got a nice shot of hot sperm right down her throat and swallowed every drop! Facials are fun but some girls are cum drinking freaks and they will work that cock to milk it for the salty delicious semen! I would call that look a “cum eating grin”!

blowjob party in the college dorm