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Girls Go Lez to Turn Guys On

Some girls might be apprehensive about eating pussy and having real lesbian sex when all they really want or need is to get fucked hard. But they know that all guys, and that means ALL, love to see lesbian action. So what do they do? They’ll suck each other’s pussies til no tomorrow if that will get them fucked. However, sometimes they get so into it that they just can’t stop eating their friend’s cunt and bringing that little clit to an orgasm until her college roommate’s cunt cums right as she has her lips wrapped around those juicy pussy lips with her tongue deep inside her vagina alternating with flicking and licking her hard, red clit! If I was there, I probably wouldn’t have made it to the fucking part and just whipped my dick out and jerked off all over one or both of their faces!

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Multiple Partners in Sex Game

The blonde who loves cock is back for more, a dare is a dare and she can’t refuse when she has to suck the other guy’s cock! Hey, two cocks are better than one when you’re plating sexual games in college, and if that means sucking more than one guy, the more the merrier! Does she suck him off to completion and get a mix of different guy’s cum in her mouth? Find out what happens!

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Is Dare Dorm Real?

You bet your cock that daredorm is real. The kids these days are more uninhibited than ever before. College girls have no qualms about making sex videos or even posting pics of them naked and on their knees with a big cock in their mouth or cum on their face. Or even with their mouths wrapped around a wet pussy while her roommate takes pictures, wearing a cum beard, letting all that stick jizz just dribble out of their slutty mouths for the world to see! Shocking? Yes. Arousing? I think I just came!

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