The College Dick Sucking Competition

You might wonder what’s so hard about sucking dick? Well, if you’re a guy and you’ve ever tried sucking a cock for the first time, you’ll know that it’s not only weird but hard to right. Well, girls pride themselves on being able to suck cock better than the other girl. It’s a matter of pride – and satisfaction in making a cock cum, be in in your mouth or on your face or tits. These 100% real amateur college girls and guys get together in a sex part challenge each other to bring the other guy or girl to orgasm, be it sucking pussy or milking hot cum out of a hard cock. The best amateur group sex party game I have ever seen!


What’s So Great About Fucking in the Dorms?

Why simple. There’s other folks just like you fucking, sucking and cumming just one room over. And if you’re a fan of exhibitionism, voyeurism and group sex or even ’same room sex’ activity then the dorm is the place to be, natch. One time I was fucking my girlfriend in the bed of my dorm, then my college roommate came in with his girlfriend. We pretended to be asleep but then saw them start to get naked – they were drunk – and she started giving him a blowjob! At that point my dick got rock hard again and my gf started rubbing her pussy. Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and let the cat out of the bag that we were wide awake and horny so they didn’t need to keep quiet any longer. Everyone laughed and we fucked in our respective beds, at one point even daring each other who can cum first. I lost but we both covered our girls with sticky cum and had a tremendous laugh and a great sleep! The past may be gone but it’s being relived by college kids all around the country who don’t mind sharing their exploits – and even get paid to do it!

side by side same room sex in the college dorm

Girls Go Lez to Turn Guys On

Some girls might be apprehensive about eating pussy and having real lesbian sex when all they really want or need is to get fucked hard. But they know that all guys, and that means ALL, love to see lesbian action. So what do they do? They’ll suck each other’s pussies til no tomorrow if that will get them fucked. However, sometimes they get so into it that they just can’t stop eating their friend’s cunt and bringing that little clit to an orgasm until her college roommate’s cunt cums right as she has her lips wrapped around those juicy pussy lips with her tongue deep inside her vagina alternating with flicking and licking her hard, red clit! If I was there, I probably wouldn’t have made it to the fucking part and just whipped my dick out and jerked off all over one or both of their faces!

college girls experiment with lesbian sex to turn on the guys

College Girl Dared to Lick Pussy

Eating pussy for the first time, much like sucking cock for the first time, can be daunting, but when you’re in college and you’re drunk and having fun, anything goes! Besides these chicks are showoffs and want to shock and awe the guys into getting their dicks hard. So when during this truth or dare game, the dare is to lick your friend’s pussy, these formerly “straight” girls muff dive with abandon and stick their tongues deep inside dripping vaginas and tongue clits to orgasm while the guys and the other girls jerk off. Only in college dorms does the party turn from innocence to full blown group sex with pussy sucking and dick blowing orgasms!

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Covered in Cum for the Camera

Some college girls like to shock their friends, I guess it’s all a part of coming into your own identity or something like that. Some girls are genuinely bisexual, but some will do wild stuff like strip naked, make out with their girl friends and even act in porn while still being in college. Some chicks might think that giving a blowjob is something to be done in private. Others will have take photos of them with a cock in their mouths and feel proud. Prudish types might think that having a guy cum on your face is degrading. Liberated, sex-positive gals wear cum on their face with pride! My kind of girls! Blowing cum bubbles and all!

Multiple Partners in Sex Game

The blonde who loves cock is back for more, a dare is a dare and she can’t refuse when she has to suck the other guy’s cock! Hey, two cocks are better than one when you’re plating sexual games in college, and if that means sucking more than one guy, the more the merrier! Does she suck him off to completion and get a mix of different guy’s cum in her mouth? Find out what happens!

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College Couple Showing Off

This cute young couple are still in college but they finally got out of the dorms and got a place of their own. Money is tight for everyone these days but for college students obviously more so. Lucky for them, they’re exhibitionists who love to fuck and show off. Now that’s one fun way to make sure the bills and tuition are paid!